It is a program designed for Private Aircraft users who fly less than 150 hours a year


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We offer our Twin-Piston, Turboprop and Jets Aircraft Program for the most exclusive clientele, designed especially for frequent travelers who want to enjoy private planes without spending large amounts of money, providing safety, quality and reliability.

A Product Made to Measure!

No Disbursement for Acquisition of Aircraft

Paying only a Fixed Cost Fraction

Airplane available to fly to the destination of your preference

Pay the Direct Cost monthly for each hour of flight you make

Un Completo Departamento de Aviación Para administrar el uso de la Aeronave

Program description

VESERCA SHARE is a program designed for Private Aircraft users that fly less than 150 hours a year. Includes (3) Categories:
  • VESERCA SHARE “Light Jet”
  • VESERCA SHARE “Turboprop”
  • VESERCA SHARE “Multimotor piston”
In both cases, a membership with 4 Affiliation Levels is subscribed: PLATINUM, GOLD, SILVER y BLUE
Programs Platinum Gold Silver Blue
Hours / Year 120 80 40 20
Free Flight Hours (4) Horas (3) Hours (2) Hours (1) Hours
Reservation Priority on Dates High season
Reserve Priority in Schedule
Transfer of Baggage to Airport
Availability of Vehicle Armored

1.- SECURITY: Crew with extensive experience and constant training, which provides security and confidence. Additionally, our aircraft have a rigorous maintenance plan according to the highest international standards, in order to guarantee the highest reliability in all our air operations.

2.- SERVICE: A complete Aviation department at the service of its operation, so that the client does not have to worry about the permit, airworthiness, payments of Radio Ayudas, or expenses related to the operation such as: selection, hiring, training of the crew, payment of insurance, etc.

3.- MORE ECONOMIC THAN A PLANE: The Client saves the disbursement that represents the acquisition of an aircraft and is diluted in the fixed expenses.

4.- PAYING ONLY ONE FRACTION OF THE FIXED COSTS: (Hangar, Crew, Insurance, Subscriptions, Programs, Cleaning, etc).

5.- CONFIDENTIALITY: Less exposure due to not having the property of an aircraft.


7.- AVAILABILITY AND BACKUP: To be able to count on an Aircraft ready to carry out its flights when it needs it and to have the peace of mind of having a backup aircraft in case the plane that is hiring is inoperative.