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Comprehensive Executive Aviation Solutions

Veserca is an organization specialized in providing integral solutions for the Acquisition, Sale, Operation and Administration of Aircraft, Private Flights.

What we offer?

Our passion is to provide high quality services in all processes related to Aircraft

Sale of Aircraft

We place Airplanes in the National market and International. We have access to the main portals of promotion and sale of aircraft. Let us take care of the sale of your aircraft.

Veserca share

It is a program designed for Private Aircraft users who fly less than 150 hours a year. Through our plans we guarantee a personalized relationship and an impeccable service


The experience of owning an aircraft is more pleasant to the extent that it gets the necessary support to facilitate the tasks involved in the maintenance and operation of an aircraft.


If your needs are oriented towards simplifying your operation and optimizing your time, VESERCA puts in your hands a complete support team