Acceptance of Inspection and
Factory Aircraft Delivery Proposal

Veserca provides a full service of aircraft acceptance inspection and delivery of factory aircraft, on behalf of the owner of an EMBRAER EMB-550 (Legacy 500), in accordance with the Purchase Agreement between the owner and Embraer Executive Jets.

We are your strongest allies in aircraft inspection and delivery

1.- Technical acceptance of the aircraft.
1.1.- Acceptance flight
1.2.- Inspection of the interior of the land
1.3.- Exterior Earth Inspection
2.- Technical Documentation of Aircraft, Subscriptions of Services and Loose Items.

1.1.- Acceptance flight:
During the acceptance flight, standard maneuvers and avionics tests will be carried out, in accordance with the manufacturer’s flight acceptance card.
This flight will last around 2 hours and, in addition, all flight systems, all performance parameters and optional equipment will be tested.
The functionality of the systems will be checked methodically according to demanding standards to ensure that they work correctly at altitude. These items are the following: Engines, Flight controls, Electrical systems, Avionics, Autopilot, Protection against ice, Hydraulic, Brakes, Climate control and Pressurization.
Each internal system of the cabin, hardware, internal doors, blinds, tables, cabin lights, entertainment system, kitchen, oven, refrigerator are checked and double checked to ensure there are no discrepancies.

1.2.- Interior Interior Inspection:
During the internal inspection of the land, the operation of internal doors, blinds, seats, tables, cabin lights, entertainment system function and software installation, kitchen, oven, refrigerator, etc. will be checked again, in accordance with the configuration of the plane.
All optional equipment and the interior finish of the seats, carpet, walls and sheet will be checked to ensure a good appearance and quality.

1.3.- Earth Exterior Inspection:
The aircraft undergoes a rigorous inspection, inch by inch, of the paint on all fuselages and wings.
All service access points in the fuselage, service and access doors, cargo compartments, external lights, flight controls, latches, undercarriage and belly, etc. will be verified.
All external components, landing gear, flaps and motors, accessories and fabrics will also be thoroughly inspected to ensure that the aircraft is received in perfect condition.
Any discrepancy and findings during the inspection will be sent to Embraer and will be re-inspected to guarantee the resolution.

2.- Technical Documentation of Aircraft, Subscriptions of Services and Loose Items.

During the process of delivery of the airplane, Embraer provides the following documents:
Aircraft boarding book, engine registration book, registration cards and operating manuals. The Veserca Group delivery team will review each registration book to ensure that the appropriate information has been filled out.
Embraer will sign and receive a list of documents such as:
Certificate of Acceptance and Transfer of Title and Declaration of Acceptance of Risk and Ferry Kit among others.
Some equipment installed in the Aircraft require subscriptions with a service provider. Embraer recommends that the client have all the services subscribed before the delivery of the plane to have the services available for the ferry flight. These services are: FMS NAVADATA, maps and electronic maps, ACARS Datalink (optional) and Controller to Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC), Datalink Graphical Weather, Satellite Datalink, Weather (XM®), Aircell High Speed ​​Data, AIM.
During the delivery, a list of loose items with part numbers and quantities of loose items delivered with the aircraft is verified. That includes items from the cab, cabin, luggage compartment and travel bag.

  • Estimated time of execution of all services described above 2 days. (If you go back to work on the paint scheme or the internal discrepancies, you could extend the execution time by 1 more day).
  • Delivery team: 1 aircraft delivery specialist.
  • A Power of Attorney of the Owner will be required to our Delivery Team.
  • Place of delivery: Embraer Factory in Sao José Dos Campos (Brazil).
  • Delivery dates: TBD
  • Commercial flight tickets (RT) cost approximately US $ 3,000 and accommodations are not included in this proposal. It will be charged at cost and billed at the end.
  • In case of delay for any reason attributable to Embraer or the Owner, all Delivery Equipment Costs will be charged to the cost and invoiced at the end of the Delivery.
  • The closing and transfer of title is not included in this proposal. We understand that it is done.
  • The closing and transfer of title is not included in this proposal. We understand that it is done.
  • The balance and expenses of the equipment will be billed once completed